Domhantyr means roughly "Domain Earth". I am developing this world in my  Tipeee.

It's a reboot of a homemade rpg. It's mainly a medieval/antique setting comparable to AGOT or Ars Magica or Aquelarre for its quite "realistic" style. Mainly humans, the other sentient beings are for the most part not inhabitants of the "real world" but of its magical planes. It has also fantastic remains of a more antique past (my influences being Janua Vera & Runequest, among others, for those aspects)..

Apart for the quite forgotten mythical age, the history is quite cyclic (though science & knowledge is globally increasing from one to the next). And most of the inhabitants just remember the last one. For divine and mythical reasons, each cycle begins with the breaking of seven seals by the gods. This allow new fantastic challenges and possibilities to emerge, some restrictions to disapear, and usually result in the foundation of empires or golden eras in some regions. Anyhow, it's a possibility for seven sentient beings to reach immortality, then, to take retirement from the world, usually by joining the gods in their celestial domain.
In the last cycle, something went partly wrong. Seven empires rose (which is not always the case), two of the future immortals became dangerous and amoral, two others defied the gods and the cosmic rules... Then, the gods and the other planar lords (from dreams, death and abyss) doomed those empires in a more brutal manner than usual, with drastic consequences for some regions, still marked by those cataclysms.
The time is now in the middle of a cycle : some powers are on the rise, heroes are emerging, the gods haven't broken all the new seals yet. Time and challenges will determine those worthy to be chosen as immortals.